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Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) provide verification of a product’s environmental impact throughout a building’s lifecycle.

These are also an important factor in making sure there is transparency of the environmental footprint of products and, is accepted as contributing to green building certification.

The points system for EPDs is broken down into three different types


Product-specific declaration


Industry-wide (generic) EPDs


Product-specific Type III EPDs

The value of Type III EPDs

The green building points value increases for each of the levels with the product-specific Type III EPDs, independently verified, non-biased reports, the most valuable. Green building standard revisions, such as LEED v4.1, makes product-specific Type III EPDs even more valuable.

Jotun has probably the most extensive list of product specific Type III EPDs – which are the most valuable in terms of earning green building points – in the industrial coatings market. We have third party verified our life cycle analysis data from cradle to gate as the minimum defined scope accepted by the major green building standards.

Not only that, Jotun has developed a tool that enables the global business to respond to and generate new EPDs based on customer requests, much faster than other providers.

How we can help

Jotun’s 64 companies worldwide, with multiple locations in a region, may also count as different manufacturers, further meeting the criteria of sourcing from various manufacturers towards your project’s green building rating points.

In short, Jotun has worked hard to ensure its customers around the globe get the most points value from their paints and coatings possible – all from one supplier.