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Show your strength with SteelMaster

The combination of Green Buildings support, maintaining architectural beauty and fire protection that doesn’t compromise – it sounds impossible. It’s not. SteelMaster offers cellulosic fire protection that can bring the aesthetics of architectural design to life.

Form and function work together in tandem giving you the freedom to design buildings that show their strength.

Benefits at a glance

  • Through the application of SteelMaster intumescent paint, buildings achieve outstanding levels of fire protection, without boxing in, or using less aesthetically pleasing cementitious coverings.
  • Without compromising the design, SteelMaster offers up to 180 minutes of cellulosic fire protection for structural steel.
  • SteelMaster products contribute to green building standard credits, providing cellulosic fire protection, while keeping the integrity of the architectural design and beautifying the steel.